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Friends, my greetings to all you pussy and cock holders. My name is Pallawi, I am from Diu region of Gujarat. Today I have brought a memorable Escorts story of my life.This hot married girl sex story is from 4 months ago, which happened with the girl who worked with me. Let me first introduce the girl I work with. My friend and she was working with me for the last many years. By the way, there was no such thought in my mind and in her mind. I got married while working with him and my marriage was also 7 years now.Ranjana was also married and it had been 6 years since her marriage. We both were living our own life in our own way. But it is said that from where does luck take you. You don't seem to have any news at all. Something similar happened with us as well. Both of us were loyal to our work and that is why we both got along well. One day everyone in our office decided to go on a one day tour. It was mandatory for everyone to go on tour. Everyone got ready on Sunday morning at around 7 am and left for the nearby city of Porbandar. We had a 14 seater car.



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Me and Ranjana were sitting nearby. We were colliding with each other due to bad road. My hand used to touch his mum again and again. Still, there was no other feeling in his mind and neither did I. Then after going there when everyone went to take a bath in the sea. Something happened there that the gown she was wearing was wet, after getting wet, that gown was completely stuck to her body, due to which the view inside her was clearly visible. At that time, my destiny got disturbed for the first time. I was watching him over and over again. I went close to her and told her - you are looking very beautiful. He didn't pay much attention to me, but my cock stood on seeing his mummies. After some time, when his eyes fell on the bloated cock in my boxer,

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his eyes gleamed. I was looking at his figure of 32-30-34. After marriage, his body was a little full and had become quite well. Seeing her, it seemed that her husband would be fucking her fiercely. Seeing the cock standing in my boxer, Ranjana said - what happened sir, control your banana, otherwise you will get upset. No one's cave is empty here so that they can cool your bananas. You have to do the work with your hands. Today when Ranjana openly used such words, I became more excited. I also got some courage. I also said - when a cave like yours is available here, then what is the work of anyone else. Then why would I hurt my hand? To this he replied with a laugh – straight to the point Hmmmm.

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I said- As you wish, we do not come forcibly and we do not lack anything in love. She said - you are getting big dreams! Looking at his milk, I said - When big mountains are tempting, then who will be a pussy who will not become a lover. Shaking her momma, she said - are my elders? Throwing water at his mummies, I said - they look big, but by pressing, you will know how strong they are. She said - do you want to press? I said- yes it sucks too. She said - then you have stood up. I said - now even talking about sitting, let me know. She said with a wink - Oye hoye chammak challo... what's the matter, darling, today

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I said- yes become it. I too will find peace. Now that married girl was ready for sex, she said that let's tell the place where to go? I said- OK, give me a few minutes. I immediately went and picked up the phone and got a room booked in the nearest hotel. After that I went to pick up Ranjana. He said- you tell me the name and room number of that hotel and reach the hotel… I come away from everyone's eyes. I immediately left from there and came to the hotel with a packet of condom from a medical store outside. After coming to the hotel, I told to bring four pegs in the large room. After two minutes a waiter gave four pegs and brought along with him a bottle of water and roasted cashews. I immediately swallowed a peg, then smoked the cigarette and started caressing the cock. After a while she also came in the room. I closed the door of the room and looked at him first. She was smiling.


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I grabbed his hand and entered the bathroom with him. Because both of us had come after taking a bath in the sea, first we had to clean its salt. We both got naked and started bathing together. She started caressing my cock and I was sucking her momma. After that both came naked in the room. Coming to the bed, both of us were desperate to hold each other's arms. When I gave her the peg, she said yes it was a big need. In a jiffy, he finished the peg and lit a cigarette and started taking a puff. We both started kissing each other and fell in love. Then she came and sat on my lap and both of us finished the rest of the two legs. Now I put his head on my chest and first kissed him on the head. He caressed his mum with his hand and expressed his love. Then slowly I started sucking his boobs, then strange strange sounds started coming out of his mouth..

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I started taking her kisses and kissed her body for a long time. Then my lips touched his lips and while sucking the lips, I started pressing his momma. Her boobs were very soft, so I was having a lot of fun mashing them up. She said to me with pitying eyes - how are you telling me now? I said - you are very lucky man. Had fun. She started laughing out loud. Then slowly I came down and I put my tongue on his pussy. She jumped up as soon as she felt my tongue on her pussy. I put my tongue to my pussy and kept licking it. She was filling the room with intoxicating sounds. She told me later that her husband used to lick her pussy only occasionally. He started having a lot of fun licking it. His hand was pressing my head on his pussy. After licking the pussy for a long time..

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